Hetikal labelling system
The most professional garments labelling solution
Sort out your clothes identification issues and losses for good
Providers of a full labelling equipment without investment for your care home in the UK.
Everything you need in order to identify your garments
The best textile labelling system on the market

The Hetikal labeling system is the result of the experience gained in thousands of nursing homes and laundries using our solutions across Europe, since 1998.

It responds to the well-known residents’ garments losses issue in residential homes.

"Ultra" Labeling system

Professional labeling system for communities

Sistema de Etiquetado ULTRA
Our Philosophy
Operational now
  • Management simplicity.
  • Fully autonomous, no PC required
  • No computer knowledge required
Trial Period

To guarantee the excellent performance of our systems, we give you the possibility to try them without obligation.

In case of not fulfilling all of your expectations, we’d take them back at no cost.

Free system disposal
We are manufacturers

We develop, manufacture and provide our professional labeling products, hence our guarantee of getting the best quality at the lowest price. Several patents certify the value our products.

Labels types

Our systems are compatible with 3 types of labels :

Thermoadhesive, once ironed, the label will adhere to the fabric.
Transfer, while ironing the label we will only transfer its text to the fabric.
Plastic, made of adhesive polypropylene used to label any type of object.

Cost Savings
  • Avoid having labels in stock.
  • No waste : the label’s length depends on the length of the printed text.
  • Only print and use the labels you need.
Get your free trial now

In order to guarantee you the best performance with our system, we give you the possibility to test it with no obligation for a full month. If you are not 100% satisfied, we take it back at no cost.

Free system disposal

Your full labelling equipment is delivered and lent to you at no cost. Its included lifetime guarantee covers the maintenance and substitution if any issue is encountered. Our clients only pay for the labels they use.

We have the model of printer that best suits the needs of your care home

Video Demo

Demonstration of the clothing label printing system.

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