Professional hospital clothing labeling machine

Malibu labelling System

The most professional labeling system.

Avoid loss of clothes in its center

Label all types of objects


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The most efficient textile labeling system

The Hawadyc Textile Labeling System is the result of the experience gained in thousands of Residences in Europe using our labeling solutions since 1998.

It contemplates the existing problematic in the residences that is the marked one for its later identification of the clothes and accessories of the residents.

Label editor for professional clothing from Brother

Security Soluble Strip sack and security fully water soluble sacks

The definitive solution for the control and containment of infections due to contaminated clothing or affected by unwanted leaks.

Security Soluble Strip sack
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Ultra Labeling system

Professional labeling system for domestics colectivities.

Ultra Labeling system
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Our Philosophy

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To guarantee the excellent performance of our systems we offer the possibility of testing it without any commitment during a period of 1 month. In case of not satisfying your expectations we withdraw it without any cost.

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Assignment of evidence

All the necessary equipment for the implementation of our systems is delivered in cession without any charge for the user. In addition, maintenance is also included in the assignment so the user will only have to acquire the labels.

Disponemos del modelo de Sistema Impresor que mejor se ajusta a sus necesidades, ajustándonos al tamaño de su Residencia.

Professional hospital clothing labeling machine

Video Demo

Demonstration of the clothing label printing system.

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Video Fabrics

Print labels suitable for all fabrics

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